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Newsmax TV – William Kelly, the Chicago Newsmax reporter who clashed with Mayor Lori Lightfoot over crime data and statistics, speaks to Grant Stinchfield about the fallout and true numbers that contradict the Mayor’s statements.

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Don’t let innocent people involve. Gangs fight each other ,now credit for evil DemonRats.

Facts are offensive to the guilty.

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  1. Lori Lightfoot is a prefect example of the democrats.

    She is complete corrupt.
    She lies constantly
    She blames others for her failings.
    She will not look at facts on ant situation.
    She relies of old worn out liberal beliefs to justify her stance and actions.
    Her leadership results in the destruction of what she leads.
    She is an utter and complete fare at her job.

    However She gets to keep her job and even be honored in it becusse she is a minority, drug addict and has chosen a alternative lifestyle (lesbian).

    As a result of her black, drug addict and lesbian privilege she is exempt from the rules and work ethic.

    Wake up you woke people. Your ideas are failing our country and your future.


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