The Raiders Instant Regret: Controversial Tweet After the Chauvin Trial



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– Charlotte Pence Bond from The Daily Wire reports, The Las Vegas Raiders caused an uproar on Twitter after posting a tweet regarding the announcement of the verdict in the George Floyd case in Minnesota on Tuesday.

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At least saint george isn’t pointing guns at pregnant women any longer.

They had this guy guilty way before the trial (kangaroo court) began. 😡😡😡😡🇺🇸

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  1. They were telling the TRUTH. Since when does a Prosecutor use a bought and paid for by the Family medical examiner report??? Between improper procedures and Jury tampering by MAD MORON Maxine and others( TERRORISTS of ANTIFA and BLM)with calling for VIOLENCE unless they produce a Guilty verdict this case needs thrown out and Chauvin RETRIED of the FACTS ONLY. First FACT Medical examiner found only that Drugs and poor health choices were what Killed Floyd. FACT Floyd was claiming he could not breathe before police even touched him. FACT he LIED about being Claustrophobic. If he was he could not have driven to where he tried to pass COUNTERFEIT. FACT Chauvin had his knee on the base of Floyd’s skull not his neck as claimed video proves it. FACT Chauvin should not have still been in the force in FACT he should have been banned for life from all aspects of Law Enforcement for life due to 17 brutality complaints. FACT he was still on the FORCE because the Union gives money to Democraps who won’t reform the police because less police means less money to them.

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