The Radical Left Posts Their Online Guide to Terrorizing the Country if They Lose the Election


Image From Donald J. Trump Twitter Post Below.

The radical left has just admitted being a sore loser after posting a “disruption” guide online to terrorizing the country if Joe Biden loses in the election.

Preparations are apparently underway for the leftist groups as they outline a plan to “stopping the coup” in case President Trump wins. The organization is adamant about shutting down the country if the 2020 election result does not go their way.

The organization calls themselves ShutDownDC as they published the “disruption” guide, “Stopping the Coup,” a Google document being circulated and is still available online. They have detailed a plan for “disruption,” anticipating a “coup” by President Trump if the election result is a close call.

In an email promotion of the guide, the group stated, “Preventing Donald Trump from stealing the election and remaining in office is likely to take mass, sustained disruptive movements all over the country.”

They crafted the guide as a manual to the “disruption.”

While some parts of the guide protect a “fair election,” some of it sounds like plotting a coup instead of preventing one.

It indicates that the left activists will demand every vote is counted prior to the announcement of a winner and declared to launch a “mass coordinated action” for that goal. They assume President Trump may try to declare himself a winner before all the votes are counted.

The guide also forecasts bizarre scenarios and even suspect AG William Barr seizing all mail-in ballots to invalidate them. ShutDownDC uses such unfounded stories to motivate their followers and justify “direct action.”

The group clarified they are “not a group of Biden supporters,” and they “do not ensure for the Democrats to win.” The activists claim it is their way of preparing if “white supremacy violence” will persist regardless of who wins.

Links to other documents can also be found in the guide — one devoted to the preparation of violence, and another listing the allied organizations.

The guide, seemingly written professionally, appears as a product of Disruption Project, a group “dedicated to supporting uprisings, resistance, and mass direct action.”

ShutDownDC expects the president to be “forced from office,” claiming not to seek a “return to normalcy.” The group instead wants to rise up against the social crises.

The group also claims to avoid the same violence they are committed to dismantling, yet, wouldn’t judge other organizations’ different tactical approaches.

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