The Portland Riots Have Suddenly Stopped


Since May 29, Portland has witnessed more than 100 nights of threatening riots done by antifa, anarchists, and Black Lives Matter. They’ve burned things, looted properties, and threatened and intimidated people.

After all that, anyone would expect the destruction to continue, and even worsen, as more time goes by. However, all of a sudden, the damage and violence stopped.

Since last week, all we can hear from the Portland anarchists is radio silence.


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I’ve got to ask: Why?

Of course, it’s great that the violence has stopped, but one can’t help but wonder why, especially because it was so sudden.

I don’t want to tempt the anarchists and BLM thugs, but the suddenness of the radio silence is more worrying than a cause for celebration.

On September 9, the daily riots and acts of violence suddenly ended. That was also the last time the Portland Police Bureau warned the public about protests.

The following day, the tired cops who had had little opportunity to sleep in peace or rest, were ordered to assist with emergencies related to fires. Police chief Chuck Lovell tweeted that the Portland Police Bureau recognizes the need for everyone to work together in this time of need.

A major “wind event” had happened from September 7 until the morning of September 8. Oregon and Washington had experienced wind speeds at more than 60 miles per hour.

A wildfire in Oregon had also started and strengthened because of the strong winds. Power was shut down as the fires heated up.

Then came reports from Clackamas County Sheriff’s officials. The reports claimed that some had seen people who looked like antifa protesters, stashing cans of gas, looting what was left behind, and looking suspiciously out of place — which is why they were spotted in the first place.

Though just as the rumors of the sightings began to spread, law enforcement agencies asked people to stop sharing such stories, which were dismissed as rumors and lies.

However, as the people in Oregon had seen the rioters, anarchists, and arsonists on the news every night spreading violence and causing mayhem, they’re unwilling to believe that those sightings were all rumors and lies.

Well… can you blame them?

Documents from the Department of Homeland Security show that whatever the rioters who suddenly disappeared are doing, they’re doing it after careful planning, and all in tandem.

The internal email from the department was leaked to CBS’ Catherine Herridge late Monday. It detailed that the violence in Portland wasn’t “opportunistic”. Instead, it was “organized”. The document confirmed long-suspected theories about the Antifa movement.

Brian Murphy, the then-acting Under Secretary for the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, had sent the email months ago — when the riots were only 60 days in. 

Murphy urged for an immediate change of definitions for the acts of violence in Portland, after a few individuals arrested were reviewed by federal authorities. They found that the activists had intelligence surrounding their affiliations and activities.

And now, the law enforcement agencies expect the people to just believe that the antifa thugs are not to blame for the fire? I guess only time will tell regarding that one.

The point is: the riots have stopped. Where have the anarchists and activists gone? The acts of violence are over — for now. Why?

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