The PA Attorney General is Demanded to Step Aside


Image credit to Governor Tom Wolf. Image modified from original.

Recently, we have heard and read about Pa. Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s partisan message for voters with ‘questions’ regarding the election. Calls for AG Shapiro to “step aside” now mounts after his blunder.

Shapiro used his personal Twitter account when he posted a photo in the platform urging voters to contact the Democratic Party hotline if they have questions on the elections.

“Need help with your mail-in ballot, finding out where to vote, or something else?” Shapiro wrote.

“Call the @PADems Voter Assistance Hotline. Someone will answer and help you out. Call 1-833-PA-VOTES.”

The attorney general’s tweet earned strong reactions across the social media platform. Shapiro, as a public servant, must have advertised the government’s office hotline establishment instead for the same purpose.

Earlier, AG Shapiro predicted President Trump would lose the state if “all the votes are added up.” He made round on Monday when he claimed “there was no way” the president would get the 20 Electoral College votes of Pennsylvania.

Shapiro’s partisan stance draws heavy criticism, given that the presidential race still continues to count the remaining ballots.
Heather Heidelbaugh, Pa. GOP Attorney General candidate, called on AG Shapiro to completely “step aside.”

“Shapiro cannot be seen as having his thumb on the scale, acting in the dual roles of legal arbiter of the vote and a candidate deeply invested in its outcome,” Heidelbaugh remarked.

The candidate calls on Shapiro to “appoint a trusted and impartial deputy to oversee any legal questions and disputes in which that office might play a role concerning this election.”

Heidelbaugh argues that the election outcomes must not be muddled with the blatant “conflict of interest.” 

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf changed his previous estimate on the remaining ballots. He told reported on Wednesday morning that there are still “3 million” mail-in ballots being counted. He claimed the results might not be released on the same day.

Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar echoed the governor’s claims of having “millions of ballots left to be counted.”

However, Sen. Joe Scarnati and Sen. Jake Corman call for Boockvar’s to step down, claiming the Secretary of State “fundamentally altered the manner in which Pennsylvania’s election is being conducted” in the past two days.

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