The NBA Starts Walking Back on Being ‘Woke’ After the Worst Playoffs Ratings in History


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The NBA finals rating has been on a downward trend, and as each game was played, the ratings only got worse. After each game, another record low was set. This is surely a nightmare for the sports league and the television networks that paid them a huge amount to have the right to air those games.

During any other year, the games might be earning record-high ratings instead of lows, but since it’s an election year, the 2020 season has not gone the way the league has hoped.

Fans once portrayed sportsmanship no matter which team they were supporting, but since the league started bringing politics to the court and suggested that its white fans may be racist, it’s no surprise that a lot of them have boycotted the games.


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In particular, since the league was left with no choice but to have LeBron James be the face of the NBA, ratings have only gotten worse. LeBron has been involved in the decisions to include slogans on jerseys, have the courts painted “Black Lives Matter” on them, and other things on the social justice agenda.

Fans go to the court to watch the games and support their teams, not watch as LeBron promotes the Black Lives Matter movement.

Sunday’s game three of the finals was another disaster, and the worst one yet. It earned a 3.1 rating and an audience of just 4.395 million viewers. That makes it the least-watched NBA finals game in history.

Game 2 of the finals had averaged 4.5 million viewers, while Game 1 had shown 7.41 million people watching.

“A ship doesn’t sink for one reason, but undoubtedly, politics sit atop the historical tank,” OutKick reported when detailing the stats from Game 2 over the weekend. “After nearly two decades of reinventing the NBA discussion, LeBron is now a detriment to the league’s brand.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has said that once the finals are done, the league will remove the words that have caused a rift between them and the fans by next season. According to him, the virtue-signaling will be “largely left off the floor” going forward.

It seems the NBA is aware that they are destroying their business by having LeBron do what he wants.

If they do remove BLM from the courts and the slogans from the jerseys, it may alienate the remaining viewers and have them boycott the matches instead. On the other hand, none of their former viewers might return to watch any of their games until they do.

At this point, no matter what the NBA decides to do, there will be consequences waiting for them to be faced.

They might be stuck between a rock and a hard place, but it’s a grave they dug for themselves, so they just have to deal with it.

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