The Montana Gov’s Scorching Message to Illegal Aliens


Montana Governor Greg Gianforte has just let illegal aliens know that they are not welcome in the state.

Aside from banning sanctuary cities, the governor also said in a statement, “We are a nation of laws, and immigration laws will be enforced… in Montana.”

The so-called sanctuary cities are places where all illegal immigrants can be comfortable that no one will report them to ICE agents. In these cities, they are safe from being captured or deported.

However, the Montana bill that the governor signed bans all state cities from becoming sanctuary cities. It requires all cities to follow federal immigration law and work together with ICE and Customs and Border Patrol.

According to the Associated Press, the legislation will also permit the state’s attorney general to pursue civil action against jurisdictions that don’t comply by imposing fines and withholding state grant funds.

The number of illegal immigrants at the southern border has continued to escalate since President Joe Biden took office and decided to open the border.

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