The Left is Obviously Corrupt This is How They Will Fall


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As the countdown begins for the national election, we have come to learn about the issues leading up to the core of the left. 

We’ve heard about Hunter Biden’s laptop and his notorious business deals with foreign nationals. Or how the Biden family enriched themselves from using political influence to amass wealth. 

We’ve also heard about how the social media giants scrambled to censor the bombshell New York Post story on the former vice president’s son. It was just probably one of several stories they had to cover up. Even media giants purposely do not report it. 


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All of these lead to a word — just one word to summarize them. 


Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden’s family has been scamming the American people for almost five decades. Joe’s worth supposedly skyrocketed over 250 million dollars. With his salary, how could this even be possible? 

Doubts on Biden’s fortune increased at the published emails extracted on his son’s MacBook laptop. What has long been purported corruption in the Biden family tipped off after successive emails between Hunter Biden, his partners, and foreign links surfaced. 

This is a family deeply immersed in crime and corruption. Ole Pop appears to gain kickbacks from his son and brother by using their family name, political connections, and influence. Hunter said so in his message to his daughter that half of his salary is required to be submitted to ‘Pop’ [Joe].

Corruptions run through the left side of the political coin. From the Biden family to the Clintons, the Democratic Party, even government agencies such as the FBI and CIA, the mainstream media and tech giants, all comprise their corrupt system. 

Yet how the mighty have fallen. And falling still. 

With all their combined political ‘power,’ attempts to bury the truth fail miserably. It’s like an opened can of worms with the penetrating smell of dead bodies. 

These pieces of evidence seem to slowly roast the left as Americans watch the stories unfold. It started with the corruption and links to Ukraine. Then come the stories of drugs. Followed by explicit sexual problems. It brewed to the corrupt Chinese and links to the communist party. And finally, the kickbacks to Pop.  

It’s altogether infuriating how they managed to cover up the staggering corrupt practices. 

One’s valid question phrases just how deep the well could be. How vast the amount of collusion and corruption infiltrated the system. 

They are amongst the most powerful, even respected by the Americans. And yet, they reveal themselves unworthy of our regard. These deceitful liars and arrogant bullies do not deserve people’s trust.

When Trump gains back his seat, the corrupt party would be pushed with their backs on the wall. He’s the only one who could handle them. He can smell fear. And the Dems have only fear left. 

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