The Leaked Left-wing Plan for Post-Election Chaos


Breitbart News obtained a leaked confidential document, and it reveals that several left-wing groups in Minnesota are preparing for post-election chaos if Trump wins. They plan to execute wide-scale “strategic disruption.”

The plan is led by TakeAction Minnesota, which is also described as a “hub for Minnesota’s progressive movement.” The groups warn the public that there is a need for mass mobilization in the recently leaked, highly confidential document. It was intended as a prep guide for the coming weeks before it was revealed.


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“We believe that regardless of the strength of the Minnesota election system, mass mobilization will and must happen in Minnesota to defend democracy,” the leaked document reads. 

“We expect that this mobilization will create space and opportunity for unrest, primarily in Minneapolis. In this context, the situation could rapidly spiral beyond control, depending on the nature of the unrest and the State’s reaction.”

In an attempt to blame others, the group pointed to the right and the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) for the possibility of inciting or enabling violence, which they should always be prepared for.

“It is unclear who the MPD is accountable and answering to,” the groups stated.

Should President Trump win and be re-elected, the groups’ document calls for a “strategic disruption” by mobilizing the masses to take to the street.

TakeAction Minnesota is a non-profit founded in 2006, and it’s a coalition of 20 organizations, including labor unions and advocacy groups for left-wing causes. The coalition also claims that hundreds of thousands of its members are ready to be activated. The coalition describes itself as a “multi-racial people’s organization building power for a government and economy that works for all of us.”

The coalition is officially affiliated with far-left national organizations People’s Action and CPD action, both of which are funded by George Soros’ Democracy Alliance, which aims to “resist” President Trump.

The document notes a rise in “white nationalist organization and activity,” which has brought “multiple nights of infiltrator terror that targeted Black and brown business corridors and nearby neighborhoods” during “the most recent uprisings.”

“It is possible Black churches may also become a target. St. Cloud and Duluth are also two cities to keep in mind given their proximity to large white nationalist geographies and demographic and ideological make-up,” the document warns. “Additionally, we know of white nationalist infiltration and organization at Greater Minnesota Universities.”

The document also calls for support to be prepared for communities “most at-risk of white nationalist attack.”

“We expect any mass protest – no matter how positive – to create cover for further not pointed, unstrategic, infiltrated civil unrest and property damage in Minneapolis,” the document continues.

According to the document, the groups’ planned activities correspond to three different phases: from now until Election Day, where they respond to “pre-election voter suppression and de-legitimacy work by Trump and the GOP” while preparing for the next phase; the ten days following Election Day, where they immediately respond to the election through mass mobilization efforts due to the anticipation that “Trump and the GOP will use institutional capacity to control election information and manipulate the results;” and the final “speculative” phase which follows, to be revisited in the future. 

The system being built by the coalition is quite serious. It’s both detailed, organized, and complex. The group still aims to create a massive “tent” of supporters.

“We need a bigger tent than even the biggest we have built before,” the document declares as it makes the goal clear — to obtain their demands and create the world they seek through “joyful rebellion.”

The document also cites “additional resources and references” which include radical resources such as: “Contested Election Threat Matrix,” “Paramilitaries at Your Protest: An Activist Field Guide to the Armed Far-Right,” and “Transition Integrity Project Report: Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition.”

The plan might seem drastic, but it’s understandable since Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds only a slim lead over President Trump in Minnesota.

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