The Infected Migrant Surge and Fauci’s Stunning Response


During an interview on Fox News last week, chief medical adviser to the Biden administration, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that he would not be going down to the border because he is “so busy trying to do some important things to preserve the health and the safety of the American people.”


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Before the interview, former top Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro had referred to Fauci as the “father of COVID,” while Senator Lindsey Graham had called out to Dr. Fauci, saying that the doctor needed to head down to the border so he could “witness in person” what he called the “biggest super spreader event.”

“What do you think of all of that?” Fox News reporter Neil Cavuto asked the doctor. “These are largely coming from Republicans who have serious animus toward some of the things that you recommend and say—and maybe just you, period.”

“I’ve become, sort of, for some reason or other, a symbol to them of what they don’t like about anything that has to do with things that are contrary to them, anything outside of their own realm,” Fauci said. “It’s a little bit bizarre, I would say.”

Fauci continued, saying that although he liked the senator, he found it a little “bizarre” to be “equating me with things that have to do at the border.”

“I mean, I have nothing to do with the border,” Fauci added. “Peter Navarro saying I created the virus? I mean, how bizarre is that?”

“I mean, think about that a second,” he insisted. “Is that a little weird? I mean, come on.” Cavuto responded that the senator might refer to how 900 illegal aliens were crammed in border facilities meant for 80.

Continuing, he said that maybe someone with Fauci’s “expertise” should be at the border monitoring the situation and the spread of the virus.

“Do you think it could be a super spreader event?” Cavuto asked.

“Obviously, it is a tough situation at the border,” Fauci admitted. “We all know that. The administration is trying as best as they can to alleviate that situation.

“Having me down at the border—that’s really not what I do, Neil. You know what I do; I develop vaccines, I develop countermeasures.

I mean, having me at the border, I don’t know why they’re saying I should be at the border any more than someone who has experience in those types of things,” Fauci continued.

Cavuto then asked whether the situation at the border “could lead to a spread of the virus.” “Obviously, this is of concern to the administration. The president himself has expressed that we don’t want people to be coming over the border.” He continued, explaining that when migrants pass through the border, they are “tested to the extent possible.”

“If they’re positive, they’re quarantined. That’s what I know about it,” he added. “No one denies that it is not a difficult problem at the border.”He then said that he was just “a little bit concerned when people equate what I do with the border.”

“I don’t know the reason for the animus, but I’m really not quite sure. And quite frankly, I am so busy trying to do some important things to preserve the health and the safety of the American people that I can’t be bothered with getting distracted with these people that are doing this ad hominems again.”

“It doesn’t bother me. It’s one of those things that let them do it if they want to do that. I have more important things to do,” Fauci concluded.

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