The Impending Demise of Major League Baseball


Fox News – Pro baseball player Ty Hensley on MLB moving the All-Star Game and his new FOX Nation series, ‘Pitch of Faith.’


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Sad the people in charge of baseball don’t realize that we watch it to “get away”. Not anymore. BYE BYE BASEBALL.

Bingo, he hit the nail on the head. no politics in sports, period.

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  1. Saw an interview of Bret Farve on Fox this morning and he even said that sports should not get into politics and now it’s being used to divide people. But the new NFL, NBA, MLB could care less. They’ll have to find a new source of revenue since tickets sales are falling along with TV ratings plus all the cheap team trinkets that are sold at ridiculous prices.

  2. So hard to believe that baseball has officially fallen victim to the radical left. It was the only sporting event other than the olympics that I enjoyed watching/following. It’s a sad day in America when baseball, America’s favorite pastime becomes extinct as so many of our institutions & our way of life simply vanish under the destructive tyranny that is spreading like a cancer. I’ve got a feeling that the remaking of America would be a total failure.

  3. I love baseball, the game, not so much the idiots running baseball into the ground. they have lost me and i will sorely miss them. maybe when the damage to our way of life becomes serious enough some sanity will return so we can say good bye to the cancel culture and all the other “progressive movements” that are divisive and destructive to America and all Americans


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