The Fleeing Texas Dems have Skipped the Country to Escape Justice!


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The Next News Network – Katie Pavlich from Townhall reports, Two weeks ago a number of Democrat legislators fled Texas, leaving behind their responsibilities to taxpayers, and flew to Washington D.C. on a private jet. They did so to dodge a vote on election integrity legislation.

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Texas should declare their seats as empty and hold special elections to replace them

I think they officially have abandoned their post and need to be evicted

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  1. Aren’t there any adults that liberal group from Texas. . Just a bunch of spoiled brats who think they have the right to treat those who pay their salary’s with contempt. Every one of them should be fired.

  2. Heavy fines and expulsion are not enough for these gutless wonders. They should be recused from ever running for ANY office in the future. In addition they should be made to pay back all salaries and expenses received to date. Furthermore there should be an expose of their little hiatus for the next four years. This should remind those who wish to serve in the Texas House will realize it’s an honor not a joke.

    PC from CC


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