The Electoral College Meets Data Pattern Science


Interestingly, several Americans have only just been learning about the Electoral College to keep up with the issue of the national elections. 

The Electoral College can make or break a presidential election. It has a “do-over button.” When the states fail to certify the vote, Congress decides. The Congress is the house of the people, with or without Nancy Pelosi. 

However, such a situation applies only to the presidential vote. Senators or representatives are not included. 

How then could Electoral College flip the votes of the American people?

One is the slow and arduous process of different kinds of fraud, from counting deceased people ballots to dusty election precincts, etc. 

Another is through Big Data – a statistical data pattern analysis. A particular sample to illustrate this is Andrea Widburg’s story.

Although the video may seem a little complicated at first, you would get it after watching a couple of times. 

In summary, the election returns in several precincts are analogous to Biden getting heads every time he flips a coin 1,000 times. He would also need to do it over and over for hundreds of precincts. 

Most often, industrial fraud is revealed with statistical analysis like Andrea’s subjects. It seems invisible from the outside point of view. However, when industrial fraud gets subjected to known patterns of statistical analysis, it becomes unmistakable and impossible to miss.

Such analysis becomes proof of an anomaly of great proportions deemed to be investigated. For the analysis, the after-the-fact voting data are all that’s needed.   

Similar to Andrea’s subjects, one only needs to identify an unmistakable pattern that an increasing vote for Trump corresponds to increasing Trump votes flipping to Biden. 

The pattern can only be generated by machines. There were too many ballots to blame it on the guys arriving at midnight. 

Big data enables the math geeks to find fraud by measuring against historical trends. The analysis digs even deeper.

What we need to do next is to curate the picture in a way everyone could understand it but Fox News

Such action would force state legislators in the six key states to let Congress decide. 

With massive vote counts, checking each ballot one by one would take so much time; the last count might be in another four years. However, Big Data analysis could instantly reveal an industrial fraud the election result has been hiding for days now. 

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