The Double Standard of Jill Biden on Vogue…


Image from video below…

Newsmax TV – Former Trump legal advisor Jenna Ellis exposes the media’s double standard regarding First Ladies on magazine covers as former First Lady Melania Trump was not put on Vogue magazine while current First Lady Jill Biden was put on the cover.

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Melania was the best! I don’t think they deserve Melania anyway, Vogue is worthless now.

Nothing was fair for Trump and his family.

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  1. vogue wouldn’t put one of the classiest first ladies on their cover ut the put a picture of slut that we have for a first lady now. She was running around going to bed with biden when she was still married.

    • There are some woman who can be dressed like a queen and still look like the scullery maid. At least Vogue could have combed her hair before putting her on the cover. Does the designer of the dress realize Jill makes everything look like Target.


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