The Dictator Violates His Own COVID Orders


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Gov. Gavin Newsom now apparently says he made a terrible mistake by attending a birthday party on November 6 in Napa that seems to have violated the state mandate on COVID-19.


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The Democrat faces backlash after imposing aggressive lockdowns in California and even recently castigated state residents for going against the rules, yet, he himself could not abide by the state mandate.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the California governor and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, attended a 50th birthday party for Jason Kinney in a restaurant. Kinney is one of the dictator’s political advisers. 

Gatherings, defined as social situations attended by people from different households simultaneously in a single space or place, is limited to a maximum of three households. 

The state rules further stipulate that gatherings with more than three households are prohibited. It didn’t state any exceptions for gatherings in restaurants.

The attendees did not dispute that there were more than three households in the event. The governor’s communications director, Nathan Click, immediately went to the governor’s aid, defending that the dinner was held outside the restaurant


Click told the media that Newsom and his wife “followed public health guidelines and the restaurant’s health protocols — all in line with the state’s rules for a restaurant operation,”

When the story went public, the governor decided he had made a mistake. 

Newsom felt he owe an explanation to his constituents. 

According to The Washington Postthe governor said that his family should not have joined the dinner as a model for better behavior.

If the story wasn’t published publicly, would he still have regretted it? 

Newsom has been attacking Californians for holding large gatherings of extended families. He has blamed these events for the surge of COVID-19 cases in the state. 

“It’s for obvious reasons. People are letting their guard down,” Newsom said, adding that the Californians are taking their masks off. He blamed the people for starting to get together, for seeing businesses reopen, and for mixing with other people. 

However, Newsom’s communications director continues to defend him by arguing that the state guidelines mandate restaurants in limiting the number of patrons seated at a single table to a household unit or when patrons ask to be seated together.

According to an infectious disease expert at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, John Swartzberg, “eating with at least 12 people even outside could be risky because masks were taken off when diners eat and drink.” 

“The idea that it’s OK to do that because it’s at a restaurant is upside down,” said Swartzberg. 

“Whether or not it abides the letter of the guidance, I think it’s not a good idea,” the infectious disease expert continued.

Swatzberg said Newsom’s attendance at the party was a mistake.

The expert stated that Newsom should have been the grownup in the room – one that people model, adding, “That’s what comes with the responsibility of being a leader.”

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