The Deep State Has Undermined Previous Presidents, Not Just Trump


Media giants may have already declared Joe Biden as the next president-elect, but the presidential race is still far from over.
President Trump’s campaign has filed several lawsuits challenging vote counts in battleground states.


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Unlike the existing notion that the president bears ultimate supremacy in the national government, the seat actually has strictly limited powers as written in the Constitution.

The Constitution’s drafters made the president administer the laws passed by Congress, not to create them. The seat serves as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces following a congressional declaration of war, yet would not single-handedly authorize the deployment of troops in a foreign conflict.

The president isn’t meant to set the “national agenda.” The Founders would be mortified to see modern presidents to act otherwise.

Progressive movement only sensationalized the very idea that the president can be almost invincible with unlimited powers. They were responsible for the American welfare-warfare state.

Presidential power was even more boosted during the Cold War when presidents justified unchecked authority with “national security.”

The executive branch does not make the president all-powerful. Federal Reserve Board naturally has greater influence over the economy than the sitting president. The president only so often tailors the economic policies to align with the consequences of the Fed’s governance.

In return, the Fed’s usually reciprocates by tailoring policies to be “useful” to the president, as the saying, “politics stops at the water’s edge.” Nobody, not even the Congress, should oppose the foreign policy decisions of the president.

However, the “deep state” is another case. The “deep state” comprises the military-industrial complex, congressional staffers, the national security bureaucracy —including the CIA — and media members.

The deep state can pursue its own agenda regardless of the president’s or the American people’s wishes.

This type of government has cut-off President Trump’s efforts to fulfill his campaign promises, such as pursuing a less interventionist foreign policy and ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The deep state actively engaged in the Russiagate hoax and impeachment of President Trump. The impeachment attempt stemmed from his contradictions on D.C.’s “consensus” on the US -Ukraine relations. He also didn’t support the new Cold War with Russia.

President Trump is just another victim of the undermining of the deep state. He most certainly will not be the last.

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