The Crowd at Biden’s First Tour Stop Says All We Need to Know…


On Tuesday, President Joe Biden’s “Help is Here” tour began with a 3-minute speech on his first stop at Chester, Pennsylvania.


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Unsurprisingly, the people who showed up were mostly members of the media. Compared to the crowds that show up for former President Trump, Biden got basically zero fanfare.

“That’s almost as many people that attended his inauguration,” said Elijah Schaefer, host of Blaze Tv’s Slightly Offensive.

Even though the whole tour is intended to promote the recently signed $1.9 trillion Pandemic Relief Plan bill, he barely mentioned it during his 3-minute speech at Smith Flooring Inc in Chester, Pa.

“We’re going to get 100 million checks in people’s arms within the first 60 days,” Biden promised. “More help is on the way, for real. Do you have questions for me — at all?”

“We don’t have any questions, but we wanted to say thank you,” said co-owner Kristin Smith. “Not many people come out and stop here in Chester.”

Outside the flooring company, a reporter asked Biden about his light public schedule: “Can you give us a sense of how much you’ll be traveling in the next few days, where you might be going?”

The president interjected, saying that he’d be going to Iowa, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, “and maybe some other places as well.” He continued, “There’s a lot we’ve been doing…everything from fundraising efforts to making sure we meet.

I met today with a group of leaders in the Democratic Party laying out where we’re going to go, getting an input.”

“There’s not been a day that hadn’t been a 12 hour day yet,” President Biden concluded.

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  1. Where ever Trump went it was standing room only. Where ever senile Joe goes there’s plenty of room for king sized beds for lying down room.


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