The Concerning Nature of Biden’s Plan to Visit the Border


After his fall up the stairs to Air Force One, President Biden took the entire weekend off to stay at Camp David, the Maryland presidential country retreat.


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On Sunday, he returned to the White House after a weekend of doing nothing about the border crisis getting worse by the day. Reports show that the number of unaccompanied minors living in border facilities has soared to 15,000.

According to Department of Homeland Security Chief Mayorkas, this border surge is the worst we’ve seen in 20 years.

Despite the crisis worsening, Joe Biden has still not gone to the southern border even once.

As soon as he returned from Camp David, reporters asked him if he plans to go to the border.

Unsurprisingly, his half-baked answer was: “At some point, I will, yes.”

As the reporter began to ask when they will allow the media into the border facilities, President Biden turned and shuffled away.

As Steve Scalise tweeted, Biden does not seem to be serious about border security or solving the current crisis. If he was, wouldn’t he have gone at least once?

As Elijah Schaffer of The Next News Network says, the nation should be very concerned about Biden’s “plan” to visit the border. Watch him reporting on this issue here:

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  1. What is he going to do when he goes, put them in child care or throw them back as they do with small fish. All I see is send them home, and of course we the tax payer pays the expense. It is great having people in office who care about us!
    the old marine

  2. Why are we waiting for him to step down? He obviously is unable to function his duties as PRESIDENT of the United States of American. This is a scary and dangerous situation. Do something before something serious or fatal happens to Him or our Country……..Bottom line HELP Americans……


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