The Compulsive Attacks on Barrett


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As expected by many, President Trump officially nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett as the SCOTUS Justice replacement of RBG.

Barrett has exceedingly proven her intellect and abilities in the courthouse. Regardless of political affiliations, all who have worked with her are impressed in her work ethics. She also makes a perfect choice as Democrats reveal their horrible nature in compulsive attacks.

Judge Barrett is as good as seated in the highest court since Senator Mitch McConnell, who earlier expressed on Senate’s vote, has gathered enough to support the nomination.


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The process is deeply rooted in the Constitution that the Democrats would have no legal grounds to stop the election, other than what they call the “precedent” from 2016. Senator McConnell has already clarified what transpired almost four years ago – that the Senate majority and the White House were in opposite political parties, which is hardly the case today.

The American Thinker compiled series of awful commentaries from the left.

One of the shameless rants include allegations to Judge Barrett being a racist for adopting two Haiti children. As per the commenter, the “likes” of Barret hide their true color as “white colonizers,” adopting black children as “props.”

Seriously, we cannot believe the absurdity of this statement.

Another leftist even alleged that the adoption didn’t go through a legal process.

A commenter also said Barrett uses her “white womanhood” to “grab power” while using her black children to “score political points.”

A “lawyer” thinks that Barrett cannot “make” laws due to her faith. A real lawyer knows that judges do not “make” laws.

We are appalled at how low the Democrats could be in dragging Judge Amy Barrett. Her children do not deserve to be subjected to such racial slurs.

The attacks could go on, but they could only take their loathing thus far. Despite their collective dissent, a speedy and swift vote would elect the nominee. The opposition’s job is to oppose. No more, no less.

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