The BIG Nancy Pelosi Scandal Unfolds…



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Liberal Hivemind – Nancy’s BIG SCANDAL! Capitol Police Chief Says She CALLED OFF The National Guard Before Jan 6th?!

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A person not loyal to his country is a democrat. A+

I’ve been saying this all along. Neither Pelosi nor McConnell wanted ANY objections or debates to happen. Only way to prevent it? Oh NO! A riot that breached the building!!!! The lack of security had to have been a top down decision.

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  1. We knew Pelosi called Off the National Guard with the help of
    Schumer , McConnell, probably
    Pence too , to blame it on Trump
    And get him Impeached for it !
    These people are so evil and should go to prison after all they
    Caused the death of several
    People ! Arrest all of them ! They
    Can’t get away with it this time!

  2. No doubt Pelosi had some involvement with the Antifa/BLM riots all last year and with the evidence, provided by an Antifa/BLM member, everyone now knows that the Jan. 6 riot was done by Antifa/BLM and with the way the communist democrats are acting it’s pretty clear this stunt was to make Trump look bad and loose his supporters. Instead, Trump’s supporters are more firmly on his side than ever and I wouldn’t be surprised that his support base has grown, especially after senile Joe killed a lot of energy producing jobs and drove up the price of gas.


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