The Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations, the Most Radical, Extreme Document in American History


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Mark Levin, the author of Unfreedom of the Press as well as a radio and television show host, appeared on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

According to him, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s joint political platform with Senator Bernie Sanders is a “communist manifesto” that will destroy America.

After Biden was nominated as the Democrats’ presidential candidate, his campaign joined Sander’s team to write a document titled the “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations.”


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Levin said, “Most people haven’t taken time to read the 110-page communist manifesto. I don’t think Biden’s read it. It doesn’t much matter. They’re going to implement it. Every aspect of this culture and society is going to be turned on its head, and I don’t mean it in a good way.”

“It is the most radical, extreme document in American history,” he added. “They’re going to destroy our energy sector. They’re going to destroy our healthcare sector. They’re going to destroy our school. They’re going to destroy our suburbs, and they’re going to do it as fast as humanly possible.”

Levin also warned of America’s increased vulnerability to totalitarianism after decades of the nation’s foundational values being eroded. He cautioned that the constitutional guardrails designed to protect the public from the abuse of state power have weakened as time passed.

“Look, I live in Virginia,” Levin remarked. “The Democrats took over for the first time in modern times, the Assembly, the Senate, and the governorship. They have rammed through the most radical abortion laws, gun laws, taxes, and so forth, and they move fast. It takes not two years. It takes no time at all. Since we’re so detached from our Constitution, and we are in many respects a post-constitutional country, and I’ve talked about this before, and because of that because so many of our firewalls have already been breached.”

“There’s not a whole lot left to breach, and so they’re going to make a run, you know for the final jumping of these final firewalls in two years, and they’re telling us that. So this is so important,” he continued.

“Thank God for Breitbart,” he concluded. “You do a tremendous show, and you guys are very very generous with your time and your support. I just want to thank you, and I want your audience to know that.”

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