The Biden-Harris Joint Appearance in Arizona Draws Zero Spectators


Image Screenshot From Tommy Pigott Twitter Post Below.

A shocked reporter said the Biden-Harris joint campaign is “kinda boring” with zero spectators.

Arizona campaign of the Democratic line-up drew no crowd with no sign of any event. It was like the Biden-Harris appearance was totally boycotted by their supporters, if there were even any.

“There’s really not much to see,” began the stupefied reporter as she steps out of the camera view to show the background. “Not your typical presidential campaign event.” There were no rallies on sight.


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The reporter said almost all of the present people in the parking lot about an hour ago were either the staff of Biden-Harris or pool reporters.

The Arizona campaign was the first time the hopefuls appeared together in one event since the Democratic National Convention.

Notably, during the first presidential debate, President Trump humorously said, “Because nobody will show up,” when Joe Biden was asked why he has fewer crowd than Trump in his campaigns.

True enough, the Biden-Harris tandem fails miserably in that category.

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