Texas is Building the Border Wall Now…


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Dr. Steve Turley – The state of Texas is stepping up once again; Governor Abbott has officially announced Texas is finishing President Trump’s wall! This is going to absolutely make your day! We’re going to look at the official announcement, we’re going to see how it’s all part of Texas’ crackdown on Bumblin Biden’s incompetence, and we’re going to see why there’s a massive surge in support for the new Patriot Republican Party all as the Democrats are beginning to implode; you are not going to want to miss this!

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While Biden is pointlessly in Cornwall UK, Texans are doing his job and doing what’s right. I’m so proud of Texas.

I live in Texas and Almost everyone, Democrat and Republican are so excited for everything that Governor Abbott is doing!! People all over are fed up with the current Admin and Those who supposedly voted for Biden are having buyers remorse. It is incredible, the backlash that Biden is getting from his own party!! Abbott also banned CRT here which is a blessing for us!!

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