Team Trump: The Real Strategy


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Enduring total media blackout on the discussion of credible voter fraud allegations and election rigging is already tough.


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Witnessing the conservative media wrestle for the Trump campaign’s election fraud claims by powerhouse Rudy Giuliano, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood adds fuel to the fire. 

On November 19, Tucker Carlson made his choice by pushing Sidney Powell to produce evidence to substantiate her claims that the Dominion voting system corrupted the election. 

Carlson then whined about Powell’s refusal to go on-air.

Conservatives started to flip out due to the anchor’s turn of tides, expecting his ratings to dip. 

Erick Erickson then published “Nope,” listing President Trump’s legal team failures in the battleground courts. The president’s counsel admitted to a lack of substantiated evidence for fraud claims. The campaign asked for a recount, albeit insufficient numbers of votes to flip the results. 

Erickson wrote that the claims on fraud border on malice, which could be deeply harmful. He said, “I would not be surprised if Dominion Voter Systems files a defamation claim against them,” adding a “whole lot of people want to be lied to and will believe it all despite zero evidence.”

Sidney Powell is a formidable legal force to be reckoned with. Besides being a fearless appellate expert, Powell cut her litigation teeth in the late 70s among accomplished men. 

Powell’s reputation and legacy remain taking on distasteful characters and bringing justice for her clients. She isn’t someone who would bluff through her way to democracy.

Besides, lawyers do not reveal evidence prematurely just to fulfill the media’s whim. That would only allow the opposition to tamper and undermine Trump’s case. So, hold your horses. 

The same case goes to Rudy Giuliani and Lin Wood, who may have been thought by many to have passed their prime. State court cases need a rigorous strategy. Rudy might not be the same guy he was in his 40s, but his wise years is incomparable to the daft Joe Biden. 

It’s safe to assume then that the court strategy is about buying time and deflection. Filing and initiating suits that may not have an immediate result but take time. 

This then keeps everyone continually anxious.

While the media focuses on the legal maneuverings on relatively insignificant cases, Sidney Powell takes on the investigation’s heavy leg. 

Powell’s claims include broad, systemic fraud that could affect up to millions of votes. This might be just what Tucker Carlson and Erick Erickson were dying to have. 

On the assumption that there is evidence, it won’t necessarily be sufficient to flip the election or overturn it to Congress. At the very least, Trump would have surfaced the undeniable corruption in the election system. He would have proven that the doubts on the legitimacy of the new administration are valid. 

Trump’s legal team has nothing to lose. What has been started could deeply help the campaign in 2024. For now, we await December 14 for the final reckoning, which still stretches like forever.

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