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On Wednesday, Newsmax TV’s John Bachman warns that “China is warning the US not to cross its red lines.”


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Bachman reported that during a virtual chat with the National Committee on US-China relations, “top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi, who sits on the Communist Party as the twenty-fifth member of Politburo urged President Biden and the rest of this country to repair the damage caused by the ‘misguided policies of former President Trump.’”

Yang Jiechi also reportedly warned President Biden not to “meddle in Hong Kong and Jinyang.” In the two specified places, Beijing has been accused of abusing the human rights of weaker Muslims.

But even as the top Chinese diplomat warns the United States not to meddle to avoid Zero-Sum games, China carries out simulated attacks on US aircraft carriers. As US Defense Department officials have confirmed, China did, in fact, carry out simulated attacks against the Navy’s Theodore Roosevelt carrier strike group that moved into the South China Sea last week.

Bringing in Asia analyst Gordon Chang, the author of “The Great US-China Tech War and the Coming Collapse of China,” Bachman asked what the author’s opinion on the Biden administration’s response could be.

“We don’t know. I mean, there’s been some robust rhetoric on Taiwan and some other things, but if you look at the executive actions that President Biden has signed, they’re really a treasure trove for China. Rejoining the WHO, rejoining the Paris agreement, removing restrictions on China supplying equipment for our electric grid, endorsing some of China’s most vicious attacks against the United States — that was that January 26 executive order,” Chang responded. “You know, I hope the tide turns because this is really looking like one of the best administrations for China — much better than the Obama administration or the Clinton administration.”

Bachman then says, “You can’t be nice to a country like China and expect them to be nice in return. For them, just to warn us again, Zero-Sum games is pretty rich, considering this is exactly their stated objective.”

“Yes. And also, when they talk about cooperation, they’re not willing to stop stealing our intellectual property. They’re not willing to stop their predatory trade actions. They’re not willing to stop counterfeiting our currency. They’re not stopping their malicious attacks, trying to overthrow the government with their Twitter attacks. You know, this is, as you say, ‘rich,’” Chang says before reminding the audience: “And we’ve got to remember that China declared the people’s war on the United States May 2019, and these guys are serious.”

Bachman then responds that China is serious indeed, and they left no room for the United States to doubt just how serious they are. “We’re looking for something in response to what the administration is going to do. We’re talking about the situation in Myanmar now, officially a coup, which is going to really force the Biden administration to take a more serious posture towards China,” he adds before asking Gordon for his opinion on whether the current administration really is willing to do that.

“I think on certain issues they do,” the author says in response. “There are all sorts of vital American interests that we have. And we’ve got to make sure that this administration starts defending them because, as I mentioned, those executive orders move us in the wrong direction.”

“I hope that they change what they’re doing,” Chang says before concluding: “But if they don’t, the American people are just going to have to scream and shout. And I hope they do that through Newsmax and other outlets.”

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