Surprising Outcome: Pro-Trump Reporter Goes Undercover Looking for Biden Supporters


Image Screenshot From FOG CITY MIDGE YouTube Video Below.

Popular Republican YouTuber Maggie VandenBerghe went undercover in the liberal city of Houston, Texas in order to find out how much support Joe Biden has earned. She is also known as Fog City Midge on social media.

Her video’s description read: “I disguised myself as a Biden ‘supporter’ & headed straight to the bluest, most Democrat area of Houston. What happened next was both surprising & amazing! Well that is unless you actually DO support Joe Biden!”

The first part of her undercover operation was fruitless. The people she interviewed at the beginning of her video appeared to have opinions, but none of them would share it with her. It might have been because she was wearing clothes that “support” Joe Biden, but they stayed silent.

She later theorized that that might have been the reason indeed. Those Trump supporters preferred to stay silent rather than say anything to stay out of trouble, as our country has been witnessing riots and violence across the nation the closer we get to the election on November 3rd.

Eventually, she was able to interview, although reluctantly, a few of Biden’s “supporters”. Even though they said they support Biden, they had nothing to say about why they were going to vote for him and not Trump. It turns out their main reason for voting for Biden is that he was “not Trump.”

The video shows that at one point, she walks up to a man and asks him, “Are you voting?”

He says that yes, he is voting, but he also said he “didn’t know” who he’d be voting for.

“You haven’t decided yet!? I feel like everybody has a very strong opinion about this. I feel like you have an opinion, but you’re just not telling me,” she responds.

The only thing he said in reply was, “Nah we’re good.”

After she was unable to find support for Biden, she faces the camera and says, “Nobody is voting! People don’t like Joe Biden.”

A man overheard her and yelled, “I’m voting!”

She asked him who he’d be voting for, and he shouted back, “I’m voting for Trump! Because I care about this country!”

Going back to the fact that she was unable to find any “real” supporters of Biden, she had asked those who said they’d be voting for him why they would be.

She asked a couple, “He’s been in office for 47 years, what is your favorite accomplishment of his?”

The woman confessed, “I don’t know. Honestly.”

The man who was with her answered, “If he wasn’t connected to Obama, I probably wouldn’t know much about him. Again — I’ll admit, I’m not as familiar with Biden. It’s just that I haven’t really needed to follow him  as much because he hasn’t been in the spotlight for the reasons that Trump has.”

At the end of the day, VandenBerghe’s undercover operation led her to discover that Joe Biden doesn’t really have many “true” supporters. It seems the only reason people are voting for him is that he isn’t Trump.

In short, the only people voting for Biden are the people who hate Trump.

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