Surprising Early Voting Numbers Are In


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Early voting data is showing that President Donald Trump has a lot to look forward to, while Joe Biden should be getting worried.

Because more Democrats are expected to take part in the early mail-in voting while most Republicans will be voting in person for Trump, one would expect that the early voting data would be in Joe Biden’s favor.

Some states are indeed showing voting data in favor of Biden. But according to NBC News, in some key states, it’s the opposite.


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In Texas, the Republicans are up by 11 at 51%-40%. In Michigan, which is a critical state, the data shows 41% for the Republicans to the Democrats’ 39%. In Ohio, the numbers are at 46%-41%, again in favor of the Republicans. In Wisconsin, it’s at 40%-38% favoring the Republicans. Lastly, in Arizona, the two parties are tied at 36%. 

Given that Trump’s supporters are expected to vote on Election Day, things aren’t looking good for Biden. Of course, we still don’t know how many Republicans will be voting in person on November 3, but so far the data is leaning toward Trump’s win.

Voter registration numbers have also shown more positive signs for the Republicans.

According to Fox News, In Pennsylvania, which is a blue-leaning state that Trump won by 44,292 votes in 2016, the Republican Party now has nearly 200,000 voters.

In battleground states Florida and North Carolina, similar progress has also been made which suggests that Trump could also win those states by a larger margin compared to his first campaign.

JPMorgan believes that a surge in the number of registered Republicans will make the race close in Mexico, but the state will still go to Biden. Meanwhile, the growing number of registered Democrats in Arizona will also make the state close, but Trump should still win.

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