Students Triggered Over Racist Rock Found on Campus…


Image From Video Below…

Ben Shapiro
– The Colorado Rockies have confirmed that the fan accused of yelling a racial slur at Lewis Brinson of the Miami Marlins was instead yelling at the Rockies mascot “Dinger.” Also, a large boulder has been removed from the University of Wisconsin-Madison after the Black Student Union and other racial justice activists complained about it being a “racist monument.” Shapiro weighs in.

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we have gotten to the point that even literal Rocks are racist… I’m so sick of this..

The rock has more intelligence than the people who wanted it removed

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  1. I’m offended that there people in our country who think this rock is racist are allowed to walk among us. They should be under the care of Nurse Ratchett.

  2. Maybe some of those who want the rock removed is cause it is an embarrassment to have where they came from being shown in full view or what home looks like.


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