Stoking the Flames: Black Man Shot by Cops but Media Didn’t Mention He Fired His Weapon


Image Screen Capture From ABC News YouTube Video Below.

Alex Perez of ABC News may have purposely left out details on shooting a 17-year old victim by a police officer.

As usual, Perez stoked racial dispute in his report that the police officer responsible in the shooting of Alvin Cole, a 17-year old African American teenager, will not be charged.

A full report in Good Morning America seemingly unclarified that the teen fired a stolen handgun before being shot by police officer Joseph Mensah. A part of the report even shows a protester calling the incident a “murder.”


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As Perez narrated the riots in the Milwaukee suburbs, he misleadingly reported the protest as “mostly peaceful.”

Perez recalled the demonstration and said police fired tear gas at protesters during the night after a mostly peaceful march turned sour. Groups smashed windows of business establishments and even residential homes.

He said the unrest erupted after the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office decided not to file criminal charges against Joseph Mensah, the Wisconsin police officer who shot Alvin Cole.

A clip of the confrontation was shown, vaguely reporting it as a “disturbance call.”

Perez then undermined the police officer that the latter had previously killed three suspects but didn’t elaborate on the cause.

However, Fox News host Tucker Carlson shed light on the incident during his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, aired on the same day. 

Carlson said, “Prosecutors said that Cole had fired a shot with a stolen handgun. When he did that, the police officer — who, by the way, is also black — returned fire. Based on all the evidence, the judicial process worked its way through, and no charges were brought.”

The plot thickens.

Alex Perez also failed to mention that Cole allegedly confronted another man after brandishing his gun.

Seriously, Perez needs to get his facts straight.

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