Staged! One Look at Biden’s Notes Proves It…



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Last week was President Biden’s long-awaited first press conference, and we might now know why it took so long to prepare for it.

Biden stepped on stage and walked to the podium, where a binder full of notes was waiting for him.

The binder contained pictures of all reporters he could call on, what questions they would ask him, and the answer to said questions.

Still, even with such a detailed list, Biden struggled to call on the reporters. He even fumbled through his notes!

He paused an embarrassing number of times to check his notes as he answered questions and lost his train of thought—even though he read all of his answers!

As he left the podium, Biden brought the binder of pictures, notes, and answers with him.

Was this the press conference we waited so long for?

Even with notes and answers prepared for him, he mumbled through the press conference. How much worse would it be if he didn’t have the binder?

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  1. What a fricking joke on the American people and what an embarrassment to the world we look so feeble and so ignorant to buy into this kind of a government


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