Sound On: Antifa Gets Whopped with a Frying Pan…


Image from video below…

Charlie Kirk – Sound On! Antifa Gets WHOPPED With Frying Pan

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That’s not nice, they could’ve damaged a perfectly good frying pan

“That’s enough!” Only heard when the good guys are winning.

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  1. If the frying pas is any good they it won’t be damaged. I love my cast iron frying pan. It would surely crack a skull.

  2. That was GREAT…!!!
    FULLY entertaining. Heartwarming beyond words…
    And that metallic *CLUNK* *CLUNK* WILL RESONATE IN MY DREAMS FOR years…!!!

    Would LOVE to see the big guy’s nose…!!!!!!!

  3. When are we all going to grow up and start beating these ridiculous BLM and antifa people with frying pans. Not just once beat them until they can not move and then zip tie them and beat them again.

    time to start putting an end to their Bull schiff.


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