Soros-Backed Coalition Preparing for Post-Election Day Chaos


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Left-wing billionaire George Soros structures a coalition in preparation for post-election day chaos should President Donald Trump refuse to concede, oppose the results or claim an early victory.

A massive network backed by the billionaire was set to “prevent a constitutional crisis” as they anticipate President Trump’s refusal to step down if he loses in the election. Left-leaning activists and groups have been training, planning, and organizing millions of their pawns.

No less than 80 advocacy groups and non-government organizations merged in the coalition called “Protect the Results.” The alliance claimed refusal to “ignore the threat” that the President poses to the democracy and peaceful power transition.


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It’s as if Biden is a sure win.

Founded in 2016, the two left-wing groups, Indivisible and Stand Up America, aimed “to organize and resist Trump’s dangerous agenda.” The groups also target to “defeat Trump and his enablers” when the President got elected in the said year.

Both the two groups are funded by George Soros’ Democracy Alliance (DA), which is said to be the largest network of donors staunched in building the US’s progressive movement.

In its video, Protect the Results claim that the president “threatened to deploy the military against the American people” to block peaceful protests.

The Democrats are overly anxious about the possibility of President Trump not leaving office. Their supporters have been jumping in the massive propaganda.

Democracy Alliance’s wide reach recommends its members to donate for the movement, with resources amounting to a staggering $80 million per year.

Co-founder of Indivisible, Ezra Levin, tweeted a rhetoric article by The Nation about Trump staging a coup d’etat.

The article became so widely circulated that it even amplified the fears of the gullible DA supporters on baseless assumptions.

In their effort to pull in more joiners, the article states that Protect the Results plans a nationwide campaign of bringing millions of people into the streets, mimicking the Hong Kong rally.

Democracy Alliance ambitiously assumes Biden’s victory in the election, and Trump sorely loses even to leave the office.

Several personalities have likewise expressed and agreed on the Soros-backed coalition. Fears of Trump seizing power and coup d’état, albeit a loss, spread throughout the massive network of left-wing activists.

Such a notion is incredulous and unfounded, which has been increasingly promoted by the opposition.

Joe Biden is expected not to concede “under any circumstances,” as directed by former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats have laid the ground for a nationwide crisis about to spark – or maybe not.

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