So, What Happened to the BLM Organizer at the Capitol Protest?


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The Democrats, along with the liberal media, have already dismissed the possibility of leftists or Antifa being present at the Capitol protest, instead insisting that all the people who were there were Trump supporters.


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But as Red State reported, that’s not true.

What’s true is that there were at least a few radical leftists present among the Trump supporters; however, what they did or what influence they may have had in the ensuing chaos is unclear.

BLM protest organizer John Sullivan frequently posted with BLM and Antifa hashtags, and he was there at the doors to the Speaker’s Lobby next to Ashli Babbitt when she was shot.

More than that, some of the video of the shooting was actually taken by him. According to Fox News, Sullivan claims that he was just there “documenting,” although he admitted to climbing through a window to get inside.

Previously, he had been arrested at a violent BLM protest that ended up with someone being shot in Utah. Back in August in Washington D.C., he called for ripping President Donald Trump from the White House.

According to Twitter users, he had organized an event on January 6 to “dump Trump for good,” and he’s part of “Insurgence USA.”

His group apparently even sells black bloc gear on its website.

According to media, Sullivan was detained after the Capitol protest. However, he was released not long after.

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