SNL Allowed while NYC Dies



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New York City has shut down restaurants, bars, and other business establishments daily after failing to survive the coronavirus restrictions. 

The government solely determines what it deems “essential” and allows it to remain operational.

On the other hand, “non-essential” businesses are forced to close doors or operate with significantly limited services. 

Somehow, the comedy show “Saturday Night Live” is not included in the restrictions, although it’s obviously a “non-essential” service. 

On Saturday evening, presidential son Donald Trump Jr. called out the show and the unfair policy. “How is a failing sketch comedy show an ‘essential’ business but your families [sic] business or your employer’s business isn’t? The elite take care of their friends, and you get to suffer,” tweeted Donald Trump Jr.

The presidential son also retweeted entrepreneur Carol Roth’s post of the cast actresses’ photo hugging each other, with the caption, “Just to be clear, this is ‘essential,’ but small businesses and their employees throughout NYC are not.” 

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Social media users noted the actors did not observe the COVID-19 restrictions during the NBC show that the rest of NYC was required to practice.

“No masks. No social distancing,” Ryan Saavedra tweeted.

Tim Pool also wrote that perhaps at some point, the people will realize that the elites don’t fear the coronavirus. They are exempted from lockdowns and are performing the largest transfer of wealth in human history.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio supported Governor Cuomo’s incessant lockdowns and restrictions.

Mayor de Blasio claimed he felt “tremendous empathy” for the restaurant owners, adding that “if you act now, you can stop much worse things from happening later.”

According to WABC, only roughly 1.43 percent was the recorded case of coronavirus transmission through indoor dining. Saturday Night Live is just another example that the liberals unfairly break restrictions when it doesn’t serve them. Yet, people keep installing them in the office. When will we ever learn?

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