Smoking Gun Biden’s Take $5 Million from Chinese Energy Firm


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Smoking gun billows as another shocking email, this time from a Chinese energy company top official, shows how they wired the Biden family a $5 million non-secured, forgivable loan.

SinoHawk Holdings CEO and former US Navy… Tony Bobulinski was the recipient of the email from the now-bankrupt energy company, CEFC, which offered to transfer $10 million to commence the operations. Half of which would be a “non-secured forgivable loan to the ‘BD [Biden] Family.’

Peter Schweizer, Breitbart News senior contributor, said the loan would create significant leverage CEFC officials would reign over the Biden family.


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According to Schweizer, the loan would give the China energy firm a greater leverage against the Biden family instead of simply giving gifts or bribes, “because if they [CEFC officials] were dissatisfied with what the Bidens were doing, they [CEFC officials] could ask for their money back,” Schweizer told Breitbart News after a long interview with Bobulinski.

The email forms only a part of a massive trove of documents that the former US Navy provided to the US Senate investigators with the Finance Committees and Homeland Security, including various media outlets who are subsequently reporting on the news.

Senate Homeland Security Committee’s recent report states that two weeks later, $5 million was transferred into the account in question. Hunter Biden’s firm then spent the following year wiring $4.8 million into his own firm’s account.

As reported by Breitbart News, Ye Jianming, owner of CEFC, was considered as one of the most ambitious Chinese tycoons before his business empire went bankrupt. Ye disappeared into the Communist’s “shadowy prison system.”

Ye was marketed as an affable businessman that foreigner nationals feel safe making business deals with. He has massive connections but “not an obvious tool of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”

Bobulinski’s appearance turned the tide against the Biden family as he shared damning information. 

“I am the recipient of the email published seven days ago by the New York Post, which showed a copy to Hunter Biden and Rob Walker. That email is genuine,” Bobulinski stated.

Bobulinski earlier cooperated with the Wall Street Journal. Yet, when his story remained unpublished, he decided to appear publicly on Wednesday night, stating that he is currently cooperating with Senate investigators.

Guess the giant media chose not to get in the way of the Dems. 

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