Six Capitol police officers suspended in response to Jan 6 riot


Fox News – One of the officers suspended allegedly took a selfie with one of the rioters and 35 other officers are under investigation.

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Funny they didnt talk about this BEFORE th impeachment…typical

There was one video where it looked like an officer pulled a barrier back and waved protesters through…

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  1. Really great.

    There are others who are just as responsible for what happened, maybe more so than the hard-pressed police. Also there had been improper protection of the law and of people and buildings thru six months of rioting and chaos by various “leaders.” If Dr King were still alive, I think all of this might have turned out different and better. I have ten heroes including Dr. King if anybody wants their names. Finally, here are six police officers being blamed and hurt for trying to do their duty in very difficult circumstances. That seems like real fairness and justice.


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