Shocking Footage of Migrants Forcing Through the Border…


Image from video below…

Fox News
– ‘The Five’ slams Democrats push to add amnesty to infrastructure bill.

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Biden’s inviting everyone in except for Cubans. Because Cubans vote 2 to 1 Republican.

“No means no!”… unless your a future democratic voter.

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  1. The look the other way Biden Administration has the wrong “i” word its not immigration its an INVASION! And it has national security issue attached to it!!! This has to be STOPPED! PERIOD!

  2. Look at the biden plan: Allow millions of illegal invaders in; provide everything free; write an EO given illegal invaders amnesty and all rights as citizens (aka voting) so they can vote in 2024. To make sure it happens, give illegal invaders more benefits than citizens who do not count for much.


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