She’s Back: Greta Thunberg Calls the US a Disgrace…


Well-known teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is back. This time, she called the country’s policies concerning the environment a “disgrace.”


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“If you compare the current so-called ‘climate policies’ to the overall current best available science, you clearly see that there’s a huge gap,” Greta Thunberg said. “It is the year 2021. The fact that we are still having this discussion and even more that we are still subsidizing fossil fuels directly or indirectly using taxpayer money is a disgrace.”

The fact that her agenda isn’t far from AOC’s Green New Deal is pretty telling. Of course, the teenager is not a scientist—as she herself admitted—but she still speaks as if she is one.

“Nor am I a scientist,” Thunberg admitted. “All I can do is to urge you to listen to and act on the science and to use your common sense.”

According to Newsmax TV’s Emma Rechenberg, if the Biden administration actually wants to “follow the science,” it “might be best actually to listen to a scientist.” Despite not being a scientist or having an economic background, Thunberg tells us what we should do.

“And the simple fact, an uncomfortable fact, is that if we are to live up to our promises and commitments in the Paris agreements, we have to end fossil fuel subsidies, stop new exploration and extraction, completely divest from fossil fuels, and keep the carbon in the ground,” she said.

Let’s hope that the American people have enough common sense to know how some of the policies she’s proposing are “out-of-line.”

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  1. This time Greta is right, this country is a disgrace. We have a fake president who is forcing communism onto the American people and using fake science of global warming to do this with the fake news media aiding in this Marxist propaganda. That’s pretty darn disgraceful if you ask me.

  2. NASA predicts a cooling cycle. NASA scientists have education and years of experience. Greta is a grumpy teenage dropout. Guess who has my confidence?

  3. Greta needs a brain. The data used today by the Global Warming crowd was used to say in 1973 that by 2000 the World would be in an Ice Age and there would be no oil anywhere on earth. When the IDIOTS could no longer get grant money on the ICE AGE LIE they switch to say we were going to burn up the Earth. The IGNORANCE that America must stop all pollution while China can make all they want is just that IGNORANCE and it is UTTER IGNORANCE at that. It is like that Movie Day after Tomorrow. At the end it showed America and Europe in Ice but not the rest of the World. That is IGNORANCE like what Greta is claiming. If America’s pollution hurts the World then so will China’s.

  4. The climate change [people are stupid and the whole thing is a hoax. They have screwed around with the numbers and yet still mess up their scam. This little foreign wench needs to go home and stay home. She should not be welcome here, she is a trouble maker. Stay away Greta!

  5. Where did they even find her? A casting call for the most angriest mental patient who wants to set the world on fire? Their idea to put her up as a poster child to teach us what we must do to save the world. Really? Oh, the humanity! Her indignation and her rantings, her accusations will only turn people off. She a arrogant nutbag. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Shakespeare’s Hamlet


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