She Claims She is Antifa and Bernie Sanders Endorses Her?


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Sarah Iannarone, a far-left advocate, running for Portland mayor, gained a huge endorsement from Sen. Bernie Sanders on Saturday. Iannarone, a self-proclaimed “everyday anti-fascist” was eager to receive support from the socialist senator.

Iannarone openly declared “I am Antifa” previously and has embraced her label as “Antifa mayor.”

Sen. Sanders shared his endorsement of the “Antifa mayor” on her campaign website.


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He said strong progressives run in the states and local levels to represent the Democratic movement and lead in the tranformation of the country. For this reason, he claimed to endorse the progressives and encouraged the voters to cast ballots for them.

Iannarone was clearly delighted by the endorsement and praised the senator. She claimed Sen. Sanders saw in her a progressive who would challenge the status quo.

“I’m excited to work on behalf of the 99% to hold big corporations accountable and to fight for health care for all Portlanders and everyone across the country,” the Antifa mayor said.

Iannarone is running against current Portland Democratic Mayor, Ted Wheeler, who sat since 2017.

In a poll released early October, the race was found to be extremely tight at 34% to 33% in favor of Iannarone.

It can be recalled that the Antifa mayor tweeted a photo of another’s ballot in 2016, with dictators Vladimir Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, and Joseph Stalin written on the paper.

“Quite possibly my favorite ‘I voted this way’ photo to date,” Iannarone wrote in her tweet.

She even publicly advertised the Communists’ high officials when we wore a skirt bearing the faces of Joseph Stalin, Che Guevera, and Chairman Mao.

Also, earlier this month, the mayoral candidate praised Joe Biden for saying Antifa is an idea.

In a mayoral debate with Wheeler, Iannarone was asked how she would handle protests.

She responded, “I love that Joe Biden answered this question before me because being opposed to fascism in 2020 is not something to be embarrassed about.”

She thought she dodged the question.

Iannarone shared to have a bumper sticker that says #EverydayAntifascist. She claimed to have organized her community as a peaceful response to the “rise of white nationalism.”

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