Shameful: Town Cancels 4th of July to Celebrate This Instead…


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The Next News Network – James Anthony from The Post Millennial reports, The town of Evanston, Illinois, is holding Pride and Juneteenth parades during the month of June, but canceling July 4 fireworks and Independence Day festivities.

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All the people who believe in that should go to a Island and live how they want it to be, and leave us real Americans alone.

I blame that on the citizens of Evanston citizens. There’s no way I’d cancel my July 4th celebrations just because some politicians told me to.

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  1. Thousands of men, women and children died to free themselves from the tyranny and slavery of England.
    Thousands of men, women and children died to end slavery.
    Shame on Americans who want to celebrate their freedom from slavery.
    But it’s okay for others to celebrate their freedom, at the cost of others, to give them this freedom.
    What’s worse is that they don’t care and they want reparations.
    They need to hit up the rich, because the poor couldn’t afford slaves and there were many “white” and “Asian” slaves during that time.
    It’s sad to see America going down this path of hate and anger and division.
    No one had a choice of race, color of skin, who their parents were, what city, state or country they were born in. Why then should we hate someone based on the fact that no one had a choice? I can’t hate someone based on the fact that my skin is darker than theirs. I had no choice as the color of my skin and neither did they. To call ALL whites “Supremists” is to say ALL Germans are “Nazis”. There are good people and there are bad people and skin color has nothing to do with it. It is the content and the character of their heart and we need, as a people of the human race, come to that decision and quit letting politicians tell us how to feel and how to act towards our fellow human beings.
    GOD created us ALL equal. It is man who determines the inequality and man who determines equality. And it is man who can stop the hate and the anger.

  2. All diversity means to the left is to conquer and divide and That’s was the purpose of Juneteenth and LGBTQ pride. To continue to divide this Country. Everyone of the people in these “special groups” have all the same rights as everyone else under the US Constitution! So cut the crap out and learn what rights you do have already! No need to start Canceling American Holidays that all of US enjoyed and celebrated together! Get with it!


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