Sexual Abuse Allegations: Marilyn Manson Dropped from Record Label…


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On Monday, the record label of Marilyn Manson dropped him over allegations of sexual abuse from Hollywood actress Evan Rachel Wood and several women. 

Along with other women, Wood alleged sexual assault and abuse against the musician, whose real name is Brian Warner. Manson faces accusations of rape, physical assault, forced drugging, cutting, etc.  

Manson’s record label, California-based Loma Vista Recordings, said it would no longer promote the performer’s current work and would stop working with him in the future. 

The label told the Hollywood Reporter, “In light of today’s disturbing allegations by Evan Rachel Wood and other women naming Marilyn Manson as their abuser, Loma Vista will cease to promote his current album effective further immediately. Due to these concerning developments, we have also decided not to work with Marilyn Manson on any future projects.”

The report said that AMC Networks was also working with the celebrity on “Creepshow,” a horror anthology. The network announced it would no longer air the show because of the allegations. 

“Starz’s ‘American Gods,’ in which Manson had a short recurring role, will not air one remaining upcoming episode including Manson until his character has been edited out,” added the report.

A Starz spokesperson told the outlet that due to the allegations against Manson, the network decided to remove him from the remaining episode he is in, scheduled to air this season. The spokesperson also clarified, Starz empathizes with all survivors and victims of abuse. 

Rose McGowan, musician, actress, activist, and also one of Manson’s exes who dated him in the late ’90s, told TheBlaze that her “stomach hurts today thinking of the pain that man and his complicity machine cost.” McGowan was referring to a Monday video where she expressed support for her ex’s alleged victims. 

The actress captioned the footage, “The Cult of Hollywood, fame & the music industry must be stopped from protecting predators and selling their sickness to the world. Their sickness has a farther reach than a nuclear bomb. When those at the top help monsters for profit, they hurt us all.”

McGowan said in the video,  “I am profoundly sad today. And disgusted. But I am most proud. Proud of Evan Rachel Wood and the others who have come forward against Marilyn Manson, my ex.”

She said that even if Manson didn’t treat her harshly, she is proud of the women who stands against an abuser. 

In a latest report, Manson denied all allegations against him. 

Manson posted on Instagram, “Obviously, my art and my life have long been magnets for controversy, but these recent claims about me are horrible distortions of reality.”

The musician claims that his relationships have always been consensual with like-minded partners. 

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