See What the Racist Boulder Did to be Removed from Campus…


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– Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, A ‘racist’ 42-ton boulder said to be two billion years old, was removed from the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus this weekend.

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It sounds like they have rocks in their heads because it certainly isnt brains.

College is making people weak and illogical. He said she said reduction to convoluted blovation of idiocy.

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  1. A boulder is racist??? What to hell are these “mutants” learning in Universities’???? America get dumber and stranger with every passing day!!! It’s getting beyond scary!!!

  2. Said it before will say it again. I can understand why the rock must be removed; it reminds some people of where they came out from and to others it so reminds them of home. Actually I think they just wanted to see where they used to live and to see if “mom” (aka birther thing) was still home.

  3. Anyone who thinks this is okay has to be mentally unbalanced. A rock and a hundred-year-old statement. What will this bunch of lefty losers come up with next?


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