See This: Biden Describes Current Life as the ‘Apocalypse’…


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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden describes current life as the Apocalypse.

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‘You’ll never beat the government with just guns; says the party that also believes the government was almost toppled by an unarmed mob on January 6th.

He seems really concerned about people dealing with summer and not at all concerned about little girls being raped at the border. He is responsible for the increased traffic and the terrible harm coming to those individuals. He needs to talk about that.

When your president doesn’t know what he’s saying should make you worried

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  1. The DILDO in the oval office is the APOCALYPSE himself and of course with the help from soros,obama,clinton,harris, and the CCP-dnc , he can not do it alone, he can’t even climb a set of stairs leading up to A.F.1, IMPEACH biden harris and pelosi .


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