Schumer Sets Up Vote for the Most Pathetic Bill of Our Time…


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The Next News Network – Chris Donaldson from Trending Politics reports, Congress is set to blow town for its latest extended vacation. However, not before Democrats try to push through Nancy Pelosi’s sham “9/11 style” commission to investigate the so-called “insurrection” at the Capitol.

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Hopefully this backfires on the deviant Democrats. Most of us know they’re responsible

Chuckie needs to be in Gitmo, not sitting up in Washington promoting lies and wasting our money.

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  1. Schmuck and Nutsy do not want the TRUTH to come out. Because it will show that there was no attack and that they VIOLATED both Their Oath of Office(specifically the Uphold the CONSTITUTION clause) and the CONSTITUTION(the CONGRESS shall not Conduct Business in SECRET clause)which should get all those who supported the closing of the Capital Building IMPEACHED. That would mean all Democraps, FAKE Republicans, and RINOS would be gone leaving only those who CHALLENGED that FARCE Democraps call an Election in power. So all they will do is try to throw dirt on to President Trump and his supporters. It like everything Democraps push will be just another MONEY wasting FARCE. Like the Mueller FARCE and both of the IMPEACHMENT FARCES against President Trump were.


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