Schumer is Now Power Crazed, Reveals Dems True Intentions


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Leftists collectively celebrate the premature victory of restoring the Swamp. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer begins to be power-crazed as he smells a win.


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The New York senator predicts that the power-hungry left would seize control of the Senate. No wonder if they’d already begun working to destroy the rest of the institutions as they have planned to pack the Supreme Court.

The Federalist reported that Schumer waited for only a glimpse after several media outlets declared Dem’s hopeful Joe Biden as the ultimate winner on the presidential seat. The senator then declared the left party’s real intentions for the nation once they reclaim the Senate.

The control of Congress’ upper chamber will likely boil down to two Georgia runoff races in the first month of 2021. This is because none of the candidates reached the 50 percent threshold to be declared as the winner.

“Now we take Georgia, then we change the world,” Sen. Schumer said as he holds a black 2020 flag. The flag bore a “no” symbol over a number 45, denoting 45th President Donald Trump. It also contains the phrase “Reclaiming my country.”

Biden led Georgia by only a mere 0.15 percent, with more than 98 percent of ballots reported. Although Sleepy Joe has been declared as the “president-elect,” several lawsuits by Trump’s campaign are still pending in other states and recount in the Peach State.

The Democrats would need two more Senate seats to achieve a 50-50 divide. “Vice-president elect” Kamala Harris would then be the deciding vote should Biden indeed grab the presidential seat after the litigations.

A runoff race features current Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who replaced Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson earlier this year, against leftist Raphael Warnock. Another would be between incumbent David Perdue against the Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff.

Since no one has yet to hit the 50 percent threshold, the Senate’s fate, along with the Americans, will hang in the balance in the next two months.

Such is bad news because a GOP-controlled Senate is the only thing that stands from the socialist’s dreams of packing the SCOTUS.

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