San Antonio Suspect Livestreams Video as He Runs from Police…


Image Screenshot From Rumble Video Below.

On Tuesday, a routine police-stop ended up in a lengthy chase and a shootout near schools while being live-streamed by the suspect on his personal Facebook page.


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Felix Santos of San Antonio, Texas, was seen waving a revolver outside his car window as he yelled at police officers to “back off” during the pursuit. He live-streamed the incident as if enjoying the chase.

The pursuit began at about 10 AM on Tuesday.

Local media reports say that Santos was apprehended for a parole violation in Pleasanton, Texas. Police officials said Santos went out of his pick-up truck but jumped back inside and fled.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Public Safety followed Santos’ white pick-up truck on I-10 and I-35 at the beginning of the pursuit. Having an active warrant due to parole violation, the suspect was accused of shooting at the police officers while fleeing the highway.

After a while, Santos stopped near a school and threatened the deputies while holding a weapon. Six deputies then struck Santos, who seems to be in his 30s to 40s.

At one point, the suspect spotted a news camera crew and shouted, “I’m on the news!” He also showed his face in clear view to his phone camera and turned the camera to show the police cars that followed him.

“I’ve got two more bullets!” Santos threatened the officers after telling his viewers he is running out of gas. Seconds later, he shouted “Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!” as he touted the police.

He was evidently carrying at least two phones – one he used to call someone, and the other to live stream.

About 13 minutes into the video, Santos blurted, “I’m not going back to prison.

That’s what I said when I got out. That’s what it is.” He then spoke to someone on his phoned and demanded to bring his brother – a possibility for an escape set up or ambush.

As the chase continued, police apparently used spiked to flatten the driver side tires. Santos stopped the truck near Allen Elementary School with low gas left and exclaimed, “Watch out.”

The camera was placed on the floor or seat and may have been covered with something while police sirens were heard in the background. However, the video recorder captured the sound of Santos cocking the revolver’s hammer.

The suspect shouted, “What’s up, bitches!” and all hell broke loose.
Santos yelled couple more times until successive gun fires silenced him.

Local media reports said that Santos was shot in his upper body but not killed. He was rushed to hospital in critical condition. No officers or other citizens were injured.

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