Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts US Navy Plane…


Image from video below…

The Next News Network – Ryan Morgan from American Military News reports, A pair of Russian Su-30SM fighter jets intercepted a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft over the Black Sea on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Russia’s Ministry of Defense tweeted, “#Footage On July 6 in the evening, two #Su30SM fighters of the Russian #BlackSeaFleet’s maritime aviation & air defence on-duty forces were scrambled for escorting a Boeing P8 Poseidon aircraft over the Black Sea.

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Hate to ask but who else Dislikes the “Biden Administration “?

If you don’t like this, stop letting democrats steal elections.

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  1. He is probably still hiding under his desk. Afraid to take any action. Look at the flyovers in Tialand…nothing was done. Now he is killing thousands of innocents in Afghanistan, by -pulling out our troops. The Special Forces there are getting murdered for surrendering. I am really ashamed to say Biden is our president.


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