Russia Issues New Threats to the USA Ahead of Summit with Biden…


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Fox News – President Biden says he will not stand by and let Putin commit human rights violations.

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This wouldn’t be happening if Trump were in office like he should be.

Putin does this routinely. And Biden will do his usual moronic “cmon man” tough guy act like it’s 1961 and he’s a greaser with a motorcycle. Putin will roll his eyes and they will go back to ignoring one another.

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  1. If anyone thinks Putin is ignoring Biden, think again, Putin is fully aware of the weakness Biden is to the US and he will use it to his advantage. We can count on that. Biden is the biggest fool to ever hit the big time, much to our determent.

  2. Would not gamble on it, just hope he remembers what he is there to do and he is representing the USA and not the Biden foundation.

    • Senile Joe doesn’t give a hoot about the USA. All this washed up worthless senile fool cares about is the Biden foundation and following instructions from Pelosi, who only cares about her kick backs.


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