Republicans declare war on Trump supporters…


Newsmax TV – Chris Salcedo on the RINOs waging war against true Trump supporters, Mitch McConnell ‘looking out for himself’ while ignoring the cries from countless conservatives and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘The Chris Salcedo Show.’

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McConnel is a joke he is so corrupt himself and his wife so of course he needs to get rid of Trump..these people are so evil..

I want McConnell to NAME the laws Trump broke. He can’t, because he did nothing wrong. He needs to remember that once he is out of office, he is still accountable too. Not to mention, we are ALL accountable to God. None of these liars will get away with their dirty deeds.

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  1. Their are a that need to go, and a lot on the other side. The only troubles is people forget, and can we survive four years of this, look what one month has done to this once great country!!


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