Publicly Humiliated When He Shows Up for a Photo Opp with BLM


On Tuesday night, New York City Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang joined a bike ride protest against the killing of Daunte Wright.


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It began as a peaceful protest with the Democratic candidate riding alongside roughly 150 cyclists from the Barclays Center into Lower Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge.

However, during a stop at Battery Park, the group of protesters suddenly confronted him, calling him “pro-cop” and chanting “shame” until he rode away.

“Do not use our protest for your publicity,” a woman said through a megaphone. “We don’t want you here. You’re pro-cop.”

Several demonstration members, which had thinned out by that time, then chanted “shame” at Yang as he rode away.

Last month, amid the chain of violence against Asians, Yang had called for NYPD’s Asian Hate Crimes Task Force to receive more funding.

Yang had made his statement during a rally against anti-Asian attacks in Chinatown. It was met… with applause before others in the audience began booing and chanting, “Defund the police.”

Then again, this is nothing new. Radical leftists have shown us time and again that they will even turn on their own.

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